Monday, April 4, 2011

getting ready for my nephew Eli to get born. haha. due date may 6. :-) so much fun being an auntie! blob bib is from Sublime Stitching, and Love Bear is a free pattern from Badbird. i love teddy bears. (though i prob should retire mine...that i got when i was 10! haha)

had a great weekend!! started off going to First Friday on the Green concert in South side Fort Worth with my friends Dawn and Colleen to see Seryn. BEAUTIFUL MUSIC! and a beautiful night!! u must check them out! then did the MS Walk Saturday morning with my mom and friends, followed by breakfast/lunch/margaritas at Joe T. Garcia's! Yummm. The a bunch of family time. Was going all weekend! Had a great bubble party in my dad's backyard with my niece and nephew! LOVE BUBBLES!! get the bubble swords from Wal-mart, really cool. :-)


 me, Dawn, and Colleen


Mom's roses-BEAUTIFUL!