Sunday, January 29, 2012

Paulo and Stella

work gave us $25 gift cards to for Christmas, which is actually really cool. so i got the "Hoopla: the art of unexpected embroidery" book. the book is sooo good. amazing. i love it. totally enthralled! def helping provide me some more inspiration to keep on stitching after taking a break for a bit.
instantly wanted to stitch Paulo and Stella, a pattern in the book by one of the featured artists, Esther Oh. I love it. And I loved the directions provided, because I had never done satin stitch quite like this before. looks really cool. love these two. and i put it on a funky finds bag i had from a craft show awhile back. just seemed like these 2 belonged on there.
it says "What was once funky lost is now funky found"

time to get stitchin again

well, i hadn't stitched much in awhile. been itching to, but every time i sat down to stitch, just wasn't feeling it. not inspired. but finally picked up the needle again. wanted to start off with something maybe kinda simple. so i went with this from the Around the World set of patterns from Stitcher's Revolution. Love the way it turned out. went with blackwork, or at least all black if this isn't actually blackwork, mostly cause i didn't want to choose colors. lazy, yes. but i like it. i plan on doing one for germany and uk soon, to kind of comemorate my august 2011 trip.
 :-) :-)

Oh, how i loved Paris! <3

Sunday, October 9, 2011

that time of year again

i really liked this free pattern from urban threads. so i had to stitch it right up. gettin' ready for halloween! :-)
Rockabilly Calavera

summer goings on

ok, so i had a busy summer. went on a wonderful dream trip to europe-london, germany-bonn, cologne, amsterdam, paris, and so i kinda slowed down on my stitching.
here's a couple things i made for my good friend kat, who i went to visit in germany where she lives with her husband. they're having a little boy, and any day now! i'm so anxious to here when he arrives!!

i did a onesie, too. finished it in germany and don't have a pic. but i bet i'll get a pic of lil man wearing it at some point.

Kat and I in Bonn, Germany. My first day there, after 3 days in London. Just a little bike ride to the River Rhine.
Kat and Chris(her germ. haha) and yes, she was riding her bike all preggo. We rode/walked everywhere. She's a trooper, 4sure! Stayed with them for a week. Such a great time!! Loved seeing my sweet friend! :-)

Monday, June 20, 2011


Made this for my dad for his birthday/Father's day. I know, I'm bad, but that's what happens when it's so close...and when i start kinda late...oops. love ya, dad. :)
i seriously found the perfect frame, and it really is just what i had in mind! i love it. i kinda wish i woulda bought a couple more of those frames while they were on sale. i should check and see if that's still going on. think it was for father's day though. anyway, michael's always has coupons and sales. now i want one for me and everyone else i know! haha. oh, and it's a Sew Lovely Embroidery pattern, of course. From the Mad Ink designs.

this next thing, i'm kind of ashamed of...but...i'm watching the damn bachelorette and this b*tch won't stop talking about this bentley guy and he's AWFUL! AWFUL, really. i can't believe i'm watching this, and it's driving me cray cray!!! i hate this show. LOL. (sorry about the b-word, but there's just no other way for me to describe her in this situation. i can't help it.)

SLEEP. need some. gonna go get some. good night. :-)

and Mumford & Sons

oh, yeah. time for Mumford and Sons!
They're so good!
what??'s Ben...
Are ya with me?

oh, yes. thumbs up all the way!
Marcus Mumford on drums.

closing out with "The Cave" with Austin High Marching Band.
oh, what a night!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

aren't they cute?!

Ben from M&S is sooo cute! I love him.

oh, yeah...and this one.
Marcus Mumford

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

more RRT Austin

OCMS and Mumford & Sons
RRT Austin

It was really cool seeing Marcus Mumford and the rest of the band come out and play with Old Crow Medicine Show. A great show made even better. A lot of the Edward Sharpe bunch came out to jam with them, too. Pretty fun! A great start to an awesome show. Oh, yes, the wait was worth it. So close! :-)
I'm gonna do a seperate post for Mumford & Sons and the closer with all the bands up on stage. Coming soon.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

spring cleaning....errr...

so i was 'sposed to do some spring cleaning all weekend, but what did i do???
you got it...i stitched all weekend long. Sublime Stitching is having a contest using the Mod patterns. Just what I needed to get me going. Should be done with it in the next few days!
Man, I would really love to win that contest. First prize gets their embroidery piece posted on the Sublime Stitching website 4evers and a $100 gift certificate! Wowzas!
oh, and I learned a new stitch. Bullion...kind of a pain. but looks neat.

so there was this Railroad Revival Tour that I went to in Austin, Texas on April 26, 2011. It was amazing! Old Crow Medicine Show, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, and Mumford & Sons. It really was truly amazing! What an absolutely wonderful time.
Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros were great! I've been listening to them for about a year now. Love their fun, fun music, and their spirit of love! :-)
and there was a wonderous sunset behind the crowd that had all the bands pointing and oo'ing and ah'ing.
there's that cloud! there's tons of pics of it on the interwebs.

Alexander...(aka Edward Sharpe) he loved being in the crowd. do you see my pretty "Lacey Lilac" fingernails??? I touched him. hahaha. :-)

There he is again. RIGHT THERE! so neat.

Alexander and Jade...singing the most lovely and cute song ever - "Home"

And next is a little video I took of "Home." Really wish I woulda got more of the song, but ya know, I hate to stand there recording half the time and I also wanted to save battery and room on my camera, and last but not least, I HAD TO DANCE! <3<3<3

i'll post some more about that lovely little concert getaway soon. i like reliving it!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

ok. i need to get to stitching! been so busy lately, that's been on the back-burner.
and i need to blog more. try try again.