Thursday, December 31, 2009

dancin chicks

dancin chicks
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here is a better pic of my sweet, sweet dancin chicks. this just warms my heart! (really, it does)

once in a blue moon

New Year's Eve Blue Moon! How neat. Blue moon actually means two full moons in one month. Doesn't happen too often...hence, once in a blue moon. I just did a yahoo image search for blue moon and ran into this picture. i just thought it was so sweet. i browsed his blog, ben javens, and i really enjoyed looking at his work. it's very sweet. very cool. check it out if you like.
Happy New Year's y'all!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

i got the sickness

so i've been sickly for a couple days now. feeling very weak. but surviving. getting better. thinking about new year's. trying to come up with some new year's resolutions. silly maybe. i used to not do it. that didn't work. so now i do, will it work? well, we'll see. can't hurt. i've been kinda bummed this year about new year's eve. last year was a lot of fun. so much is different now. here's my first, most important resolution: get over the 2 men that broke my heart in the last 4-5 years. save those tears for sad movies or sad/happy movies. anyway....
started a new project tonight, but really, didn't even feel well enough to get that far on it. will continue on tomorrow.

that makes me feel better. poor dog's been couped up with me while sick and still loves me! such a sweetie!

Monday, December 28, 2009

may i have this dance? (of course!)

it turned out so sweet! awwww....
(though i need a better pic. this one was taken on my cell phone. camera is dead after christmas. must charge up battery)

i found the design for this at Vintage Transfer Finds. Thanks!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

it was a white christmas

christmas was lovely. loved seeing family and friends. and it was even a white christmas. well, mostly the blizzard on christmas eve! it was crazy...for texas and the day after a 70 degree day. pax loved the snow.

My nephew, Lucas, got his first guitar. So awesome. He already looks like a pro! He loves moozik! (Oh, and his super cool lil tricycle, in the background) And then my grandma's Christmas tree. Grandmas have the best Christmas trees! <3
And meet Ash Park Annie. A Texas, snowlady. Down the street from my grandma's house.

and...i started an embroidery project tonight. a vintage pattern from the vintage transfer finds site.
i'm excited about it!

(up too late on a "school" night. must catch some z's)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

gotta love some natalie dee!

(p.s you'll shoot ur eye out!)

it's christmas eve, y'all!

(pictures found on

oh, and it's supposed to snow here in a little bit. wow. i was so hot all day yesterday and slept with the window open and it was still hot this morning. texas is so crazy! gotta love it though. texas our texas! :-)

Monday, December 21, 2009

a little la la la

So I know you can't beat John Lennon's "Happy Xmas(War Is Over)'" but i adore the Polyphonic Spree and really like their cover.

So just a few Christmas songs, though I couldn't find the one song i went looking for, "the gift of the magi" by Squirrel Nut Zippers. It's so good. Their Christmas CD is great. "Christmas Caravan." I listen to it every year. I just love it. Was a gift from my friend kim, long ago. :-)

Get a playlist!

frosty and rudy

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made this for my stepmom, gina. she loves the classics, like i do, frosty and rudolph! gonna have to go home and watch rudolph maybe. that's if i can give myself a break from stitching! almost done!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

check out sublime stitching blog

this is so cool! robot santa was featured on the sublime stitching blog. pretty durn rad. seriously, this makes me very happy. go check it out. i love all jenny hart's stuff. what i've been learning from.

i think this might have made my year. lol.
peace, love, and happiness

laugh if you want cause i am, too. it was fun. and pax is too cute. i know it's silly, probably lame. but i just don't care anymore. i'm not too cool for school, i'm just into the cuteness of life. take ur judgements know it's cute...and kinda funny, too. i can admit that. just plain silly, and i love it! :-)
merry xmas!

took monday off from stitching. played some super mario on wii instead. fun, fun. took pax to mary's with me, and he was so good. think he deserves a good gift from santa! :-) gonna start a couple projects tonight. almost done with all my gifts! it's been so fun making them and i just want to keep them all! but i won't.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

i heart robot santa!

this makes me sooo happy!

the robot design is from sublime stitching. and i turned mr. robot into SANTA!!!!!


makes me think of "donnie darko" and the wormhole. i'd like to believe it's aliens. but who knows. kinda cool anyway.
man, i have something i've been working on the past couple days that i'm soooo proud of. it's so cool and i wanted to finish so bad last night. i really tried and have very, very little left to finish. but it was time for bed. i was pooped, eyes hurting, had to stop. it'll be finished tonight and i will def post it. can't wait! i'll prob be making a couple more like it. so much fun!!! and christmas-y. :-)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

just walkin the dog

what u lookin at, huh? well, yeah. i go out looking pretty ridiculous. but comfy cozy, so who cares!?!? plus, those are the best christmas pajamas ever! a past christmas gift from my mom. pj's from the stockyards, horsedrawn carriages with christmas bells and lights.
 fa la la la la la laaaaaa

Monday, December 7, 2009

Sunday, December 6, 2009

i tell you, my boy pax is crazy but so loveable. always sneakin kisses.

a gift for my friend kim and her daughter april.

proudest monkey

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

you are getting very, very sleepy.....well, i am at least. been working on a project that i started today since about 6-ish. i really wanted to finish it but not quite. still gotta add some more flowers. this is gonna be a christmas gift. it's a free design from the sublime stitching blog. isn't that sweet...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

ipod shuffle

at work listenin' to my tiny lil ipod between shows. needed a lil break, ya know? i like listening to my ipod on shuffle. went from the shins to amy winehouse, the killers to bob schneider, the beatles to arcade fire, and my fave song of theirs at that! the first one i really ever heard. i'll have to listen to a second time, too. just too good and too lovely....
Purify the colors, purify my mind.
Purify the colors, purify my mind,
and spread the ashes of the colors
over this heart of mine!
(Neighborhood #1 - Tunnels, Arcade Fire)

and the Shins is really good to listen to with this kind of cold weather. it's cold weather music, i tell you. i don't like them as much during the summer. what up with DAT!?!? really reminds me of "garden state" though, which is just so, so good, and makes me kinda sad, but in an ok way. i think that makes no sense at all. but whatev- it's a great movie, and has a great soundtrack, too.
uh-oh, gotta calls...............