Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Phat Quarter Movie Swap

so this is what I made for my swap partner in the phat quarter movie swap. one of her fave movies is "The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou." (which i love, too!) so i decided that it would be super fun to stitch up the rainbow sea horse. so pretty! and in my last swap on swap-bot, i got some wonderful deep blue sea patterns from katy at sew lovely embroidery with the perfect sea horse pattern! the timing was just perfect. i wanted to put it on blue material or do something with it to look like water, but i ran outta time after working on a contest piece and having my apt flood. but really, it looked too good to mess with once i finished. wanted to get it shipped off to the UK right away! hopefully it's there now or the next few days.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

bday stuff

ok, so yeah, my bday has come and gone...and i'm still talking about it. well, i'm not online at home at the moment so i get behind of stuff i'd like to post and what-not.
here's my wonderful, oh-so-cute owlie gift from a wonderful friend. dawn's really helped me out with my owl collection a lot, too!
love, love, love it!!!
i coulda at least smiled, huh....lol

isn't it so sweet!?!

oh, and i love orchids! my dad and stepmom, gina, gave me this beautiful one, and it looks great!
so lovely.

i might need to replace these with better pics later. we'll see. it's all i got for now.

Friday, August 20, 2010

friday the 13th stitchiness...

My Friday the 13th celebration(and extended birthday celebration). From Elm Street Tattoo in Dallas. They do 24 hrs of tattooing various 13's every Friday the 13th. Good times...
it's on the front part of my ankle.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

sublime stitching combo contest

This is for the combo contest. It's called "My Alter Ego." She's a devlish babe who loves tattoos(more specifically, tattooed boys), gambling, and just being bad in general. (El Diablo, Tattoo Your Towels, Viva Las Vegas)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

more swap awesomeness

so i'm doing another swap. this one with the phat quarter group on flickr. http://www.flickr.com/groups/phatquarter/
the theme is movies. i received my peice from Shae (shaebay on flickr) and it's pretty amazing. a cross-stitch piece from the movie "Party Monster." this is so cool. the first cross-stitch i've gotten.

Shaebay: What I made for Carrie_76 for the Phat Quarter Movie Swap. It is Seth Green as James St James from the movie Party Monster (2003).

This piece is 5x4 on 22 ct. It used 31 colors and has 8748 stitches.

wow! that's a lot of stitches!
take a look. (i used her pics cause my battery is dead once again in my camera)

super cool. swaps are so much fun. come and play! i better get started on my piece. i know what i'm doing, but i've been working on a contest submission for sublime stitching.

oh, and....i gotta say it, today's my bday! 34-ouch! lol

happy stitching!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Thursday, August 5, 2010

pinup swap on swap-bot

look at the wonderful pinup girl i got from katy from Sew Lovely Embroidery! her name is Lolita. :-) and she is gorgeous! this is really amazing. i just sat there and stared at every part of it for about an hour. and i would, of course, be happy with anything or anyone in the swap, but i was secretly hoping it would be Katy. I love Sew Lovely Embroidery! and she threw in some Deep Blue Sea patterns. and it works out perfectly because one of the patterns is exactly what i need for the phat quarter movie swap! How Lovely! oh, and how cute is the squid with and ice cream cone and balloons!?!?
Meet Lolita:

Look at that face! It's just perfect. I love the shading, too.
Thanks soooo much!

Oh, and by the way, here is the pinup I sent out to Sara in Arkansas.
(and it happens to be a Sewlovelyembroidery design. yes, i'm a fan)

What fun! Happy Thursday, y'all!