Sunday, October 17, 2010

bat stitch and state fair of texas fun!

i entered a little giveaway on The Cuteness of Curiosity blog for some cute little halloween stitches. i chose the little bat and won! how lucky.
i love it! and i also love halloween! thanks, kym. :-)

went to the state fair of Texas this weekend. got some free tix for volunteering for my favorite radio station out here, kxt, public radio. it's the best radio station ever! you can check it out online, too. you gotta check it out! indie, alt country, folk, blues, and more. great dj's, great music. i love being part of the street team.

oh, and if you want to know how to be the most popular person at the fair, win a chicken hat! 4real. it was a hit! LOL. had fried frito pie. pretty good. a friend had the fried beer, disgusting, all agreed. couple friends had the green goblin:fried pepper filled with guacamole and chicken, good but hard to eat. and of course, you can't go to the state fair without having a CORN DOG! still the best part. :-) oh, and i enjoyed my margarita pouch. it was a fun day, a lot of walking, and then dinner at Ozona in Dallas, great mojitos! good stuff with good peeps!
check out the good times...
most awesome chicken hat i won. hit the chicken into the bucket.

making friends with other fair winners. it's the big cow guy and rasta bananaaaa!! lol

the Midway, ferris wheel back there, too.

had to take some free pics at the auto show. haha. (i realize we could just take our own pics, but still. they say free, we say YES!)

again with the free pics. But with a Viper! ooh la la.

the walk back to meg's. nice to live right in the area! skip the traffic/parking mess.
and the fun continued into the night. must be why i actually slept in to about noon today! cray cray!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

this is for my Aunt Nancy for Christmas. here's a pic of her and her horse.
looks like such a nice day, doesn't it!?
well, it took awhile, but i finally finished. love the way it turned out! gotta find the perfect frame now!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

not quite done...

but i finally finished the hardest part, the face. more specifically the mouth. took several tries. i remembered a pinup face tutorial on the Sublime Stitching Blog, and that helped a lot! simple but so hard to get right. i'm happy with the way it turned out.
:-) just finishing up the border. should be done tomorrow! i stopped working on it for a bit, but now i'm eager to finish!