Sunday, December 27, 2009

it was a white christmas

christmas was lovely. loved seeing family and friends. and it was even a white christmas. well, mostly the blizzard on christmas eve! it was crazy...for texas and the day after a 70 degree day. pax loved the snow.

My nephew, Lucas, got his first guitar. So awesome. He already looks like a pro! He loves moozik! (Oh, and his super cool lil tricycle, in the background) And then my grandma's Christmas tree. Grandmas have the best Christmas trees! <3
And meet Ash Park Annie. A Texas, snowlady. Down the street from my grandma's house.

and...i started an embroidery project tonight. a vintage pattern from the vintage transfer finds site.
i'm excited about it!

(up too late on a "school" night. must catch some z's)

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