Sunday, January 29, 2012

Paulo and Stella

work gave us $25 gift cards to for Christmas, which is actually really cool. so i got the "Hoopla: the art of unexpected embroidery" book. the book is sooo good. amazing. i love it. totally enthralled! def helping provide me some more inspiration to keep on stitching after taking a break for a bit.
instantly wanted to stitch Paulo and Stella, a pattern in the book by one of the featured artists, Esther Oh. I love it. And I loved the directions provided, because I had never done satin stitch quite like this before. looks really cool. love these two. and i put it on a funky finds bag i had from a craft show awhile back. just seemed like these 2 belonged on there.
it says "What was once funky lost is now funky found"

1 comment:

  1. It looks stunning. Had to comment. How lovely are your works of art, literally. Such a talent to have. Stitch on! xox