Monday, June 20, 2011


Made this for my dad for his birthday/Father's day. I know, I'm bad, but that's what happens when it's so close...and when i start kinda late...oops. love ya, dad. :)
i seriously found the perfect frame, and it really is just what i had in mind! i love it. i kinda wish i woulda bought a couple more of those frames while they were on sale. i should check and see if that's still going on. think it was for father's day though. anyway, michael's always has coupons and sales. now i want one for me and everyone else i know! haha. oh, and it's a Sew Lovely Embroidery pattern, of course. From the Mad Ink designs.

this next thing, i'm kind of ashamed of...but...i'm watching the damn bachelorette and this b*tch won't stop talking about this bentley guy and he's AWFUL! AWFUL, really. i can't believe i'm watching this, and it's driving me cray cray!!! i hate this show. LOL. (sorry about the b-word, but there's just no other way for me to describe her in this situation. i can't help it.)

SLEEP. need some. gonna go get some. good night. :-)

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