Monday, November 9, 2009

getting stuffs in the mail

So I'm hoping I'll have a lil package from Sublime Stitching when I get home today. Fingers are crossed. I just recently took up embroidery and have been learning from Jenny Hart's Sublime Stitching. Really neat designs, and it's really easy to do. I like the cuteness and the sense of accomplishment. It's a fun way to use your time. For me, it is.
I made this lil masterpiece for my mom's birthday. I was quite proud. My first real project besides just messing around. (Designs from Sublime Stitching)

You should try, too. I suggest going to the website:
Fun, super cute, artsy-fartsy, hip stuff there, I tell ya. Check it! She has a show at the Yard Dog in Austin right about now. I'm gonna see if I can fit in a short trip to check all the stitching art in the show(runs through Dec. 6). Impressive stuffs, for sure!
Should I say it one more time??? Sublime stitching, Sublime stitching, Sublime stitching, Sublime stitching -- it's AWESOME!
(Here's the link on the show at the Yard dog --
(because so many people are gonna see this on my lil ole blog and go a runnin....still. that doesn't matter))

Have a lovely week, and I will try to do the same.

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