Monday, June 14, 2010

come on down....

i stitched up the back of a western shirt for a friend of mine to wear to gigs and what-not. barker's his name, obviously. i'm really happy with the way it turned out. i think he is, too. this is a short sleeve, and i'll prob end up doing a long sleever for him, too, and will make the design bigger, so it goes totally across the shoulders. still, a pretty good start, i believe.
you can check him out at
he's your typical "punk rock, anti-folk, honky-tonk, one-man-band bullshit artist." not so typical really.
though i don't know if i agree with the anti-folk part. i'm sure it's over my head or punk rock or whatever. lol. ;-)

rock on and keep stitchin! i will. (after this move, at least, which will finally happen in a week)

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