Wednesday, September 22, 2010

another swap sent off...

so my partner received her bag i sent out. it now resides in canada! my stuff is so international! sweden, U.K., and Canada. let's keep it goin!
i loved this bag. got it at michael's and am hoping they have more next time i go. this was for the gina matarazzo embroidery swap on swap-bot. gina's patterns are soo cute!


  1. Your stitching is fantastic!!
    Thanks for following me, now I'm following you...and I saw you are on fb, me are a CC typist?

    I'm we sort of kind of have something in common!

  2. Yes! I actually use voice recognition software and do a lot of echoing along with some typing. boy, oh, boy do those news anchors talk fast!! I love learning about deafness and the Deaf Community.
    thank you for following me. still just kinda playing around with the blog. but it's fun. maybe i'll even get good at this blogging thing someday. lol.