Thursday, November 18, 2010

did another swap on swap-bot. this time a day of the dead embroidery swap. hosted by snifferooski, who i got and sent this embroidery to. funny thing is she used the same pattern for her partner, but we both changed them up a bit, so that was cool. kinda crappy pic here but the only one i got. darn it, my camera is broken. maybe i'll get one for myself for christmas, hit up the sales. actually, sure i can get mine fixed. we'll see. anyway, i haven't received my piece yet for the swap. can't wait to get it. hopefully it's not a month late like the last time. but things happen, i know. oh, and it's a pattern by carina.
oh, finished a piece for my grandma. she wanted me to make it for her to give her secret santa. it's like one i made for my mom when i first started doing embroidery. here it is. a banner from sublime stitching with the julie west patterns, tattoo letters, and even the flower is from the lisa petrucci patterns with a little heart added. haha. sublime stitching all the way! :-)
starting on a piece for my friend kat. it'll be a kinda buddha theme. :-)

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