Friday, May 14, 2010

got xtra cowgirl designs...

hello. i realize i haven't been keeping up with my blogging duties lately. well, i've been working hard to finish a mother's day gift. yes, it's late. but i didn't realize it was gonna take so long. started it at least a week and a half before mother's day. but it's gonna be sooo pretty. can't wait to finish it! will post soon, promise.
renegade craft fair is this weekend in austin. i wanna go sooo bad, but i've got so much to do. cleaning, packing, more cleaning, and more packing. the weather is a mess out right now anyway, and i gotta save the gas money. hopefully next time! i really wanted to try to go meet Jenny Hart from Sublime Stitching. Oh, well. some other time :-(
have a good weekend!
happy stitching.
(gotta end with a happy face!)

oh, and i won some Sew Lovely Embroidery designs from mr. x stitch on facebook! space case and cowgirls! i've been wanting space case. they're so cool. i actually have the cowgirls already. so if anybody wants those, let me know. i think i have like 2 followers and a friend that might actually look at this blog. so if one of you happen to read this and want some cool cowgirls to stitch up, let me know and i'll send them along. why not share the wealth?!?! and thanks to Mr. X Stitch(linking to their facebook here, but check out the blog, too!). they're super cool!


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