Thursday, January 14, 2010

so i got my cowgirl designs! so excited. i really wanted to start on the wanted cowgirl but didn't have a hoop big enough. instead, i started on the lil' cowgirl on the horse, a gift for my neice's 2nd birthday. i finished the horse last night and practically stitched myself silly. seriously, i was feeling dizzy and just couldn't even keep my eyes open any longer! had to force myself to stop. mighta gotten sick had i not. haha. so i got a lot of work to finish it by saturday. will do though. i think she'll turn out really cute. and my niece and fam are even going to the fort worth stock show after the birthday party, so the lil cowgirl is totally appropriate! :-)
and my little pax is always by my side...

i wish this pic wasn't so dark, but you get the point. sleeping with my hoops. haha. so cute.
(p.s. is it friday yet??? i keep trying to convince myself it is, but....not quite. soon, very soon)

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