Monday, January 11, 2010

waiting patiently by the mailbox...

i ordered a few designs on etsy the other day. i can't wait to get them. they're cool and pretty and cute! :-)
have a look. i will surely post my own finished products. i'll be checking the mail every day!

super cool cowgirls. i'm so excited to stitch the tough "b" there in the left-hand corner! hell yeah, cowgirl! this is from SewLovelyEmbroidery.
there's some other great designs on there i will most likely be purchasing in the future.

the two designs above are amazing and so sweet and pretty. very excited about the Marigold Sugar Skull! these are from
Love em! Can't wait to keep on stitchin' more and more. So much fun.
But....I will not allow myself to start another project before I get a good amount of laundry done and some cleaning done on the apartment. Gettin' a little outta hand...
Have a great week!

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