Sunday, January 10, 2010

what i did this weekend...

i've been working on the pinup girl all day. my eyes are very tired. i loved the way it turned out though. she's so cute. the design is from i've got another one that i'm eager to do from that site. tried out the fan stitch there in the corner. just learned that from "Embroidery Effects."
and i tried out putting a design on a t-shirt. (even wore it sunday...dork, i know...) i'm happy with my first garment. went with the cupcake of guadalupe design from cool and cute!
oh, and i did go out friday night. went and saw the derailers at dan's silverleaf in denton. it was a great show. a lot of fun. but yeah, spent the rest of the weekend working on these projects. didn't get anything done around the apartment that i need to do! did not go see my family! gotta try not to neglect the rest of my life...

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